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The role of hydrogen in decarbonising the UK gas grid

May 22, 2023 Xoserve Episode 6
Xoserve Decarb Discussions
The role of hydrogen in decarbonising the UK gas grid
Show Notes

In this episode of DecarbDiscussions, Darren Elsom gives us an overview of the future of gas, and how we can accelerate the decarbonisation of the gas grid in the race to achieve net zero by 2050. 

Although natural gas will still play a crucial role in the next couple of decades, hydrogen is emerging as a promising carbon-neutral alternative. 

As well as helping decarbonise our gas grid, hydrogen finds other important applications in heavy-duty transport, shipping and aviation. However, despite strong R&D projects that are serving as inspiration to other countries, the UK is lagging behind in the actual deployment of hydrogen.

So, how can we unlock the potential of this power gas? In this episode, Darren discusses:

  • The future of natural gas in the path to net zero
  • The role of hydrogen in decarbonising the gas grid
  • The changing role of shippers and suppliers as we strive to decarbonise the gas grid
  • How our R&D hydrogen projects are inspiring other countries
  • What is needed to move beyond R&D and accelerate hydrogen deployment

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