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Decarbonising UK gas: The decarbonisation of domestic heating

February 10, 2023 Xoserve Episode 3
Xoserve Decarb Discussions
Decarbonising UK gas: The decarbonisation of domestic heating
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, hear Xoserve’s Victoria Mustard in conversation with some of the gas industry experts that are collaborating to trial hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas for heating UK homes.

Northern Gas Networks and Cadent Gas Limited have worked together on the Hydrogen Village trials and Hydeploy project. With plans for the Uk’s first Hydrogen Town set to be submitted in March 2023, listen today to hear them discuss:

  • what learnings have been taken from the Hydrogen Village programme so far, and how they will be used to move forwards with future hydrogen trials

  • why the next stage is significant and how the Hydrogen Town trial will differ from Hydrogen Village

  • why storage and resilience of supply will provide two of the most significant future challenges

  • why the development of a hydrogen economy is so important in today’s economic and environmental climate

  • how shippers, suppliers, asset providers and other industry stakeholders will be involved in future hydrogen trials

  • key industry milestones to watch out for.

This podcast is accessible to everyone, but is most relevant to gas industry professionals. If you’re a resident living in one of the areas where the Hydrogen Village programme is taking place, and would like to find out more about what’s happening and how you might be affected, please visit: https://hydrogenvillage.com/

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